About Gabrielle Ritchie

Gabrielle Ritchie, founder and Director of The Change Room, is the author of the PhilanthropediaSA blog.  Gabrielle has been involved in the philanthropy sector for 10 years, and in the non-profit sector for far longer. As a co-founder of Inyathelo, back in 2002, Gabrielle was instrumental in the conceptualisation and design of the organisation, but continued her work in the heritage sector before joining Inyathelo in 2007 to design and establish the Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards, now in their 10th year. In addition, Gabrielle set up South Africa’s first philanthropy-focused newsletter and website, Philanthropy SA. Further, Gabrielle conceptualised and initiated a philanthropy advisors and service providers network while at Inyathelo in the belief that such a network is critical to the development of a strong and well-networked local philanthropy infrastructure.

Gabrielle is committed to growing local giving and philanthropy in South Africa, particularly in support of social justice, in the firm belief that a robust civil society is fundamental to sustaining South Africa’s democracy and that active citizenship in South Africa needs to include financial investment in justice and development.

Gabrielle has written, edited and contributed to a range of resources, articles, op-eds, workbooks, research reports and blog pieces on South African philanthropy and related issues. Gabrielle has also featured on radio, television, podcasts and online video speaking on, and sharing insights into, a range of issues related to South African philanthropy and social justice.  Apart from her regular blog at www.philanthropediasa.wordpress.com, Gabrielle was part of the three-person team who put together South Africa’s newest and most comprehensive resource on philanthropy in support of social justice in the country, available at www.resourcingphilanthropy.org.za, as a specific initiative supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies, to encourage support and provide tools and insights for philanthropic giving in South Africa.



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